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Strengthening Communities

Creating Safe and Thriving Destinations

Being a leader in our communities is a core value for Hilton. We have a rich history of community investment, and our founder’s legacy of generosity permeates throughout our organization and our global service culture. Today our focus on strong, thriving communities encompasses volunteering, investments in local solutions and organizations, disaster support and human rights training, awareness and advocacy.


Overcoming Barriers to Progress

Societal challenges can hinder progress for local communities all over the world. Businesses, including those in the travel and tourism sector, can be part of the solution. We are committed to having a positive economic and social impact on the millions of destinations and lives we touch.

9% Tourism contributes 9% to global GDP and up to 40% GDP in developing countries1

Tourism contributes 9% to global GDP and up to 40% GDP in developing countries1


Volunteering, Partnering and Supporting

We harness the passion and resources of our entire company when ensuring the success of our local communities. Every year Hilton Team Members and franchise employees volunteer hundreds of thousands of hours to support local projects and organizations, and we fund disaster support and programs that reach thousands of children at risk of trafficking.

97 We have a presence in 97 countries and territories around the world.

We have a presence in 97 countries and territories around the world.

Lennox Mashigo

High School Educator, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Hilton has invested in our lifetime, those skills and ideas, we can take them home. Thank you. For being giving, for being caring, for investing in us."

Human Rights

Our commitment to respect human rights is engrained in our values. As we build our approach we will align with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights using our Global Code of Conduct as a foundation. In addition to understanding and addressing the impact of our own business practices, we are working with a range of stakeholders to advance key issues, including supporting the global fight against human trafficking.


20.9 Million

Human trafficking has been cited as the world's fastest-growing crime with an estimated 20.9 million victims.1


58,000+ Hilton Team Members

We've trained more than 58,000 Hilton Team Members on ethics, human rights and child trafficking.


4,500 Hotels

Completed a comprehensive human rights assessment across our operations and supply chain to develop a prioritized action plan.




Training thousands of Hilton General Managers and department leaders on child trafficking.



Hilton Anti-Trafficking Fund

Partnering with The Global Fund for Children to support grassroots anti-trafficking efforts reaching over 1,500 children around the world.



Global Freedom Exchange

Implementing the Global Freedom Exchange in partnership with Vital Voices, to support 78 women leaders from 39 countries through local training, advocacy and survivor support programs.

Volunteerism and Engagement

Companies that support and invest in their local communities create value for both their business and society by contributing to stable local economies, developing local talent and fostering local relationships that help ensure success.


66% Urban Population

The United Nations (UN) reports that 54% of the world’s population currently live in cities, and by 2050, this proportion will increase to 66%.


1,100+ Committees

Mobilized more than 1,100 community committees to drive local engagement.


213,000 Hours

In 2015, hotels from 92 countries participated in more than 4,100 community projects resulting in over 213,000 volunteer hours.



Grants for Local Solutions

Awarded nearly 200 Travel with Purpose Action Grants supporting creative local solutions to global challenges.



Global Month of Service

Since our inaugural service celebration in 2012, Hilton and franchise employee volunteers have completed more than 10,800 projects worldwide contributing more than 513,000 hours of community service.



Hilton Responds

Donated more than $1.5 million to relief organizations for year round support and in times of need to protect Hilton Team Members, franchise employees, guests and communities.

Communities Case Studies

We are proud to highlight our Travel with Purpose Action Grant winners around the world.

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