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…We are proud to work with a company like Hilton Worldwide, who, by earning the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, reinforces their commitment to quality and sustainability—and therefore a commitment to their customers.”

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We are one of the first major multi-brand hospitality companies to make sustainability measurement a brand standard, equal in importance to quality, service and revenue. We require measurement and corrective action from all of our brands as well as performance toward sustainability goals. Development of our sustainability tracking tool began in 2002 for our largest properties; and we now require each of our properties, whether owned, managed or franchised, to use LightStay to measure sustainability performance. Through LightStay, Hilton Worldwide is able to calculate and analyze the company’s aggregate sustainability performance across more than 200 indicators. It measures multiple utility and operational metrics such as energy, water, carbon, paper product usage, waste, chemical storage, air quality and transportation.

Meeting Calculator

While the cost savings associated with improving energy efficiency or water use are obvious, LightStay also has important revenue implications. The system helps support our sales channels through a Meeting Calculator feature that computes the sustainability impact of meetings or events at our properties. This calculator provides many of our business customers with the data they need when sustainability is an important criterion of their purchasing decision. As part of Connect+, our meeting planning site, we have made the the LightStay Meeting Calculator function available to meeting planners when booking with Hilton Worldwide.

Sharing Best Practices Among Properties

In addition to these measurement, performance and sales tools, LightStay also includes a social media platform that allows properties from around the world to “neighbor” each other, share best practices and compare performance. This communication and collaboration tool means that often our best solutions to sustainability challenges are not mandates from the top, but, rather, bottom-up ideas communicated through the program. The system currently has over 3,400 neighbors and tracks more than 8,000 improvement projects that highlight different approaches to common sustainability challenges. As part of the collaboration, our engineers provide information on best practices, return on investment and overall cost of each project.

United World College students in Singapore discuss soap recycling possibilities for Asia.

Donations Tracking

LightStay also provides functionality to connect hotels with charitable partners that accept donations such as soap, linens or soft goods, or leftover items from conferences. Our partnerships with the Global Soap Project and Good360 both utilize LightStay functionality to connect them with charitable partners around the globe and track donations from our hotels.

Sustainability Training & Resources

An important component of LightStay is the training that supports our Team Members to become more educated on sustainability performance. We offer multiple classes through Hilton Worldwide University that focus on how to utilize LightStay to improve sustainability performance. Since the launch of LightStay, over 8,000 Team Members have participated in sustainability training. We also have information available for our sales teams to help them communicate a hotel’s sustainability performance using the Meeting Calculator functionality. Finally, we have information on certifications and sustainable development tools such as an ENERGY STAR® calculator, so hotel staff can educate themselves on the various sustainability tools available.

ISO Certifications

Due to our advancements in quality assurance and sustainability standards, Hilton Worldwide and our portfolio of 10 hotel brands has earned ISO 9001 certification for Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management Systems. With these certifications, Hilton Worldwide becomes one of the first multi-national organizations to certify its entire system globally, achieving one of the largest-ever volume certifications of commercial buildings.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are international standards that provide a set of standardized requirements for quality and environmental management systems. Companies gain certification by implementing policies, procedures and systems that follow and meet ISO standards, which are assessed by a third-party certification body. As part of the Hilton Worldwide certification process, DEKRA Certification, Inc. performed a series of audits and will continue ongoing assessments to monitor compliance.