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We are committed to reducing water use across the enterprise and support initiatives at individual properties that may one day inform company-wide processes. LightStay™ provides properties with the tools to measure water usage and progress, and capture and share key insights on water management. In addition to utilizing LightStay, we work to identify opportunities for hotels to utilize new products or technologies that are cost competitive and support our water reduction goals.

Hilton Worldwide has partnered closely with our suppliers to identify sustainable solutions for laundry and housekeeping practices at our hotels. We have developed several partnerships that offer improved laundering technologies, which can reduce water use by up to 45 percent, energy use by up to 43 percent and extend linen life by up to 40 percent. Further, we have developed sustainable housekeeping supplies that can reduce the amount of water used in cleaning processes by up to 30 percent, as well as improve efficiency and reduce the number of toxic chemicals used for cleaning.

In addition to laundering technologies, we also have examined how different products can contribute to sustainability performance. For example, we have identified new lines of towels that are engineered to be lighter weight and more durable than standard towels. Using these towels, our hotels can launder more towels per load and the product will last longer than standard towels, thereby requiring fewer loads of laundry and producing less waste over time.

Many of our hotels have invested significant effort to engage Team Members in reducing water use. Installation of water restrictors and displacement devices has been a common practice for hotels in recent years. In addition, a number of properties are implementing innovative solutions for water reuse such as rain capture and other water-efficient technologies such as smart irrigation.

Water Use Reductions 2009–2012*

Reflects annual percentage change in consumption per floor area as compared to Base Year 2008. Water consumption normalized for weather and occupancy.

Total Water Consumption (CCF) 2011–2012*
Amounts Shown in Millions

Gallons per Occupied Room 2011–2012*


Gallons per Square Foot 2009–2012*

*Normalized results for 2,263 Hilton Worldwide properties using LightStay. Results are third-party verified.